SeatCharter 1.3 (with iPhone 5 & iOS 6 Support)

SeatCharter 1.3 is now available on the App Store.

Including numerous bug fixes and improvements, version 1.3 is the most stable yet!

✔ Support for iOS 6, iPhone 5, and the new iPad Retina Display.

✔ New Load menu displays thumbnail images of saved charts.

✔ New High-Definition App Icon, Default images, Toolbars, Items.

✔ New ability to Pinch-to-Zoom on Saved Charts to Preview before loading.

✔ Fixed bug that caused rotated images to move their position upon saving and reloading the file.

✔ Numerous other bug fixes and code optimizations.


Download SeatCharter for iOS Today! – App Store – SeatCharter

DJ SoundBox Pro 2.7 (with iPhone 5 & iOS 6 support)

With the iPhone 5 releasing this Friday, and iOS 6 releasing today. 

DJ SoundBox Pro 2.7 has been submitted to Apple for review. It should be available any day now, however those of you who experience any issues with the current version upon upgrading to iOS 6 can simply register for the Beta and receive this version immediately.

Beta Test for SeatCharter 1.3

The long awaited update to SeatCharter is just about ready for release.

Included in this update are many bug fixes, including the long standing bug causing rotated objects to not appear correctly after saving.

There will also be some outstanding new features available as well in this update upon completion.

If you are interested in joining the Beta test for SeatCharter, please sign up using the following link:

Beta Test for Madden Scout 1.1

With the release of Madden 13 came many new users to my scouting utility “Madden Scout”. As is the case, some new bugs have surfaced and I’m at work clearing them.

I’ve isolated and resolved all of the issues that have been reported to me, however I’d definitely like to have a good Beta test to see if anyone can pick up on anything I may have missed.

I setup a TestFlight Beta at the following address:

Anyone who is interested in welcome to join to Beta test, I only ask that you please stay in touch with me and document as many of your findings / comments / concerns as possible.


DJ SoundBox Pro 2.6.1

As many of you have by now noticed, DJ SoundBox Pro 2.6 is currently available in the App Store. However,
unfortunately the build that was pushed through to Apple had 2 very serious bugs that are causing issues for many users.

The bugs are as follows:

• When importing sounds from DropBox, the App is neglecting to include the imported sounds in your Sound Pack upon saving.

• When attempting to use the SET IN/OUT points on an iPod or iPhone device, the app will crash.

These 2 bugs seem to be causing loads of frustration for users. I sincerely apologize and have made every attempt to contact directly, those who have expressed dismay.

If you need a working version immediately, you simply need to sign up at this link:

Once you provide your device information, I can get you setup with a working version ASAP.

Again, I understand your frustration with these bugs especially if they are effecting your workflow. However, I would please ask that you simply contact me if you need any help.

Leaving nasty comments or iTunes reviews is not the best way to contact me.

This update should be available before the end of this week. My sincerest apologies for any inconveniences this is causing anyone.

DJ SoundBox Pro 2.6 has been submitted

DJ SoundBox Pro 2.6 was submitted to Apple for review on 8/14.

It should be available for download in the App Store any day now.

Here is the update info:


The long awaited update is finally here!

✔ Incredible stability! The most stable version yet!
✔ Severely reduced memory footprint resulting in immensely improved performance on all devices!
✔ Entirely new interface design w/ Full Retina Support across all devices! All new graphics and larger, more accessible buttons!
✔ Loads of new customization options including: Pad colors, Renaming Pads, New Pad sound modes, and MORE.
✔ Set In/Out cue points for clipping or playing only certain portions of iTunes sounds.
✔ Pad Linking, Now pads can be linked up so that they can be operated in perfect sync.
✔ Lock Mode, avoid accidentally tapping customization options or the screen going to sleep in this new mode.
✔ Export to DropBox, Now in addition to being able to import sounds or sets from your DropBox you can export and backup your work as well.

BETA TESTERS for DJ SoundBox Pro 2.6

The long awaited release of the DJ SoundBox Pro 2.6 update is nearing completion. At this time, I’d like to recruit Beta testers who are interested in giving the application a thorough run through.

Anyone with any model of iOS device interested in participating in the Beta test is invited to participate.

I have setup an account at where I can easily communicate with testers, as well as easily upload and update new builds as I complete them.

You can sign up for the Beta Test at the following link:

Post here, or contact me anytime if you have any questions or comments!

Madden Scout for iOS

Calling all Madden Players! This is the app you’ve all been looking for!

Have you ever gone into a ranked match in Madden, only to realize you have NO information about your opponent? NO idea if he is a Madden Great or a Madden Noob?

With Madden Scout, the power of information is now yours! Now simply by inputting your opponents Gamertag or PSN ID you have immediate access to their entire Madden Stat Catalog!

Comb through every detail in the statistics to have the ultimate upper hand on your opponents!

Featuring Win/Loss records, Current Streak, Average Points, Time Of Possession, Yards Per Game, Interceptions, Sacks, Opponent Skill and Did Not Finish %.

Madden Scout will even log your history of every user you ever scout, for quick return access to all stats without having to rein put the user!

Even MORE! Madden Scout allows you to enter your own Gamertag or PSN ID (or BOTH!) and easily keep track of your own Madden stats and record from the “My Stats” tab!

Madden Scout is a ONE-TIME purchase! Meaning it will continually be updated to support future Madden versions (13, 14, etc.) ! It is also built as a UNIVERSAL application which means, purchase it once and run it on ALL of your devices! iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

Want to become the ULTIMATE MADDEN GREAT!

Get Madden Scout TODAY!!

* Currently only US-English is supported.

New Site, Preliminary Launch

As you can by now surely tell, the site has undergone an overhaul and upgrade from it’s former self. My hope is that this new design and blog format allows for better communication with users and to be able to more clearly make specific sections available. The new site design also features specific compatibility with ALL iOS and Mobile devices.

I am still in the process of doing what I can to migrate over relevant posts and comments from the previous site iterations, so those should continue to become available in the near future.

The site might still change over the course of the next few days, however this is the basic format going forward.

As always, if you have any questions or comments please feel free to post here or Contact me anytime.